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Hello! I am Martin Gouws

Director & Founder.

Diploma in Counselling:
  Blackford Centre for Counselling in the U.K and hold an international diploma in counselling which I achieved Cum Lauda. I finished this certification in June 2013. 


               Advanced Counselling Diploma (Victim     Empowerment, Trauma Counselling,   Crisis Counselling) – Alcohol and Drug Concerns.


              Advanced Senior Diploma in Child       Psychology from the Skills Academy of   South Africa in October 2014.


 Diploma in Hypnotherapy from the  South African Institute of Hypnosis.

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Addiction Articles

Depression Counseling

This 12 week program will help the client from their dark pit of despair into living a normal life. From mild to more severe or clinical depression we can help.

We guarantee total CONFIDENTIALITY.

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Relationship Counseling

Helping you to get your relationship back on track before it is too late.

Do you need somebody to talk too?

We guarantee total CONFIDENTIALITY.

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Anger and Stress Management:

Helping you manage your anger or stress problems.

We guarantee total CONFIDENTIALITY. 

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Out Patient Addiction Program

Addiction is not only drugs. Impact Foundation helps with all addiction or bad habits that you might like to stop. Our New Generation Habit Replacement Program is a 12 week program that guarantees to help you.

We guarantee total CONFIDENTIALITY. 

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Mindfulness Workshops

We offer Mindfulness workshops to companies that would like to help their workforce deal with and manage the stressful work environment.

This is a 4-hour workshop and provides the staff with a free app for them to use.

This workshop is also designed to help teachers and their learners to create a calmer classroom environment.

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adult children
Rules and boundaries for Adult Children

These powerful workshops consist of 3 separate 3-hour workshops. These workshops are designed to help parents deal with adult children still staying at home. Our target market is any concerned parent however we focus mainly on parents with addicted children and parents that would like to understand their children from grade 10 to 12. 

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Life Skills Management Workshop

This program was specifically designed for young adults getting ready

to start their lives in the workplace. This workshop tackles issues such as relationships, mental health and work ethics to name but a few. 

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Depression & Anxiety Relationship Problems Addiction Problems
Anger & Stress Problems
Our Board Members 
  • Chair Person - Trudie Gouws

  • Vice-Chairman - Martin Gouws

  • Treasurer - Clint Victor

  • Public Officer - Patrick Golden

  • Board Member - Nnoi Dibakwane

  • Secretary - Glenda Mothopeng

Trudie Gouws - Chair Person


Martin Gouws - Vice-Chairman


Clint Victor - Treasurer


Nnoi Dibakwane - Board Member


Patrick Golden - Public Officer


Glenda Mothopeng - Secretary